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Сайт №1 для Хищниц

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Возраст 59 из Manchester, New Hampshire - Онлайн - 3 дн. назад
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I consider myself well balanced, bright and optimistic. I like to be active and take very good care of my health. This doesn’t mean I don’t indulge on occasions. Life is too short to be too good all of the time.
*Sorry, i don't do KIK*. Lol

I can enjoy the simple things in life and can enjoy most things when I am with that special person. I can dress it up with heels or dress it down in work boots and flannel shirts, whatever the occasion calls for.
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Now that you know more about me, here is what I am looking to find in you.

Let’s face it, friendship is the basis for the best relationships, however we all must admit that chemistry is equally important. I also want to say that ‘chemistry’ isn’t just about how ‘good looking’ someone is, it’s more of a “How you make me feel” thing. I can’t explain it any other way. So with that being said… we should have good chemistry together, be best friends, be able to talk with one another about anything and everything. I prefer a man who is confident, can hold up his end of the conversation, has a strong sense of integrity, knows what he wants in a relationship and is comfortable with his sexuality. Not only is a sense of humor very important, it could probably be considered the key to my heart. (wink)